10 College Summer Rules You Must Follow

During the school year, it may seem as if college will never end. It is super easy to want to check out for the entire summer. Unfortunately, sometimes it makes it harder to get into the swing of things when school starts again. Make your transitions easier by doing some (or all) of these things:

College summer rules - READ!

Read a book. Reading is a great way to improve your vocabulary and keep your mind engaged. During the school year, I find myself writing a "to read" list because I'm often busy. The summer is the perfect time to start checking books off of my list. 

Get a job. There's no "I'm a struggling college student" excuse during the summer. Save up some money to pay for a few of those fall Ubers. 

Take a summer class. Bored? Get a gen ed out of the way! Plus it will help make your course load lighter or give you the space to take a class that you've been dying to take.

Learn a language. Okay, 3 months probably isn't enough time to become fluent in a new language but at least you will be familiar with some terms when it is time to start practicing for an international trip!

Watch the news. Please, please, please become familiar with what is going on in the world around you. Bonus points for having more conversation starters (just be careful with politics). 

Visit an educational site (museum, cultural center, etc.). i love learning about the world around me. Visiting historical places not only help you to understand the culture, but it helps you to connect more with the area.

Get physically active. There is no school commitments holding you back from working out now! I promise me telling you to workout is for your own benefit. Working out improves focus, digestion, and so many more thing. Plus, if you do it right, it can be super fun. Hate the gym? Take a Zumba class. Personally, I workout using the Nike+ Training Club app (I am in no way affiliated with it, although it would be a cool experience). Try to vary your routines as well. Summer is the perfect time to experiment. 

Summer College Rules - Be a tourist

Be a tourist in your own city (or state). I am an avid believer in the concept of living as a tourist. Now I say be a tourist in your own city or state because sometimes we get so caught up in going new places, that we never explore the areas around us. Personally, I've probably been to more cities traveling outside of my state than I've been to since my family moved to the desert. 

Get ready! How many of us get stop getting dressed for school around October and don't bother again until August? Get yourself dressed, you're more likely to be productive that way! 

Go to a new restaurant (yes, a new Ice Cream Parlor counts). Honestly, college can be super routine. It's good to help us get through school, but sometimes a little change is good. Skip Chick Fil A [ or insert favorite/most frequented restaurant here] this week, and try a new place. If you don't know where to start, check Groupon or Yelp. 


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