7 Things to do in the First 7 Days of School

Now that school is back in session and I am not balancing time between a full-time internship and two online classes, My Crazy Hectic Life will calm down a bit! Expect more posts very soon. For now, let’s jump into things!


Transitioning out of your vacation mindset and back to #GrindMode can be hard. Here are a few tips to dive right into a successful semester:


7 Things to do in the First 7 Days of School _ University of Arizona

Set your schedule as your lock screen. Even though all of my classes are in the same building, I have to remember which class is on what day! Setting my lock screen as my schedule helps me remember where to go when my phone can't connect to the internet.


Ask your friends about books. DON'T BUY EVERY BOOK BEFORE SCHOOL STARTS (sorry the caps were probably a bit excessive). Seriously, ask your friends that have taken certain classes before which books they used. If they did not use the textbook, it may be safe to go without it. If you think you may need it (maybe your friend is a super genius or doesn't ever use textbooks), share with friends, see if someone will sell it to you, or find a used copy somewhere cheaper than the campus bookstore. 

Some professors are also very transparent about books. Do not be afraid to ask them if the most recent addition is needed.


Speaking of friends, hang out with them. Most of them are experiencing the same summer withdrawals as you. Get lunch or something to catch up about the summer. When school starts, sometimes those regular life conversations get ditched for homework-related conversations.


Figure out a routine. Do you gym everyday? Find the right time to go to the gym that fits in with your new schedule (it may have to be different times depending on the day).


7 Things to do in the First 7 Days of School _ UofA

Check your email. There is no doubt in my mind that you will get a lot emails during the first week of school. Stay current with them. You may miss out on important information if you do not. This information could pertain to your classes, financial aid, clubs or free stuff.


Fill out your calendar. Write down assignments and exams in your planner. This way, you have it all written out and you are less like to forget to do it later. I think halfway into the semester we all forget to write in our planners, if it is already written in, you do not have to worry about it!


Have fun. There are so many events on campus the first week of school. Go to them. Get free stuff. Have fun. Don't start of the semester with stress.

7 Things to do in the First 7 Days of School

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