9 Best Places to Study During Finals

During finals finding a place to study can sometimes be a hassle. I prefer to study alone. If the library is full then I won’t get much accomplished. I’ve had to get creative in finding new places to study. Not all of these places will apply to you depending on your school.


Early morning 

I’ve found that there are more people studying late night than early morning on my campus. During the early morning, you will find me in one of three places:


Library Study Room. Library Study rooms book fast for daytime and evening rooms. I book in the early morning to avoid all of the congestion.


9 Best Places to Study During Finals - Writing

My major-specific college building. Once again, less people are here during the early morning. I will usually grab a smoothie and find a table that’s out of plain-sight so my friends won’t interrupt me when they are on their way to class. *shrugs*


The student union. Sometimes our student union has the best Wi-Fi on-campus (that I’ve found) other times it has the absolute worst Wi-Fi (like take me back to the dial-up days). I’ve found that in the morning it has really great Wi-Fi and nobody is there. Here and there you find people grabbing something quick for breakfast on their way to class, but not nearly as many people as there are during the lunch and dinner hours.




Mid-afternoon is honestly the worst time to try to study on my campus during finals. I’ve still got some places to check out at least at my school. 

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Campus Recreation. My school’s rec is more than a gym. We have tables and even a computer lab. At this point in the year, less people are working out as regularly as the beginning of the school year so during the day time, the rec is a pretty quiet area. 


Campus Health. I know this one sounds odd but the area of campus health also has study outdoor tables. It’s usually really clean over there. People are less likely to even look your direction because of the very slight chance that you may be sick. Sounds like a win to me!


Patios. I’m pretty sure that natural light is better for the brain. Plus, people don’t like to be outside with the potential for bugs, bad weather or little to no outlets. Charge your computer and sit outside!!



Late Night

9 Best Places to Study During Finals - Whiteboard

If you’ve read this far you probably don’t believe there are places without people on campus late night during finals. Well, this is my 5th semester of finals and now that I’m giving away the secrets there will probably be people in my hiding places.


Empty classrooms. A lot of classrooms are empty for a few hours until the doors are locked. I have my own set of white board markers that I take into a classroom and work different examples on the big boards (this is great for math or science-heavy classes). Empty classrooms don’t have to be totally alone either. Grab some friends and have a study session. You don’t have to worry as much about “getting too loud” if you’re studying in an open space.


Dorms. When I lived in the dorms, everyone went to the library to study. I studied in the dorm study rooms so I didn’t have to walk across campus late at night. 


Off-campus Starbucks. This one sounds counterintuitive, but actually makes a lot of sense. The Starbucks closest to campus are full of students that probably don’t live in the dorms and don’t want to go to the library. Going to the off-campus Starbucks will let you get your drink faster and probably have more comfort because it isn’t as crowded.



Pro Tip: Regardless of what time you study, be sure to take a break every couple of hours. Lastly, remember to get some sleep. Sleep has been proven to increase memory functions. 


Your Turn

I gave you my “campus hiding spots,” where are yours?


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