How to ACE your Midterms

Most people have had at least one exam by now.  Some of them did not receive the grade that they wanted, while others exceeded their personal expectations.  Getting the grades you want takes work.  My tips will help you to prepare for just about any test.

Acing Midterms Pin Image
  1.  Study throughout the unit.  If you cram the night before, you will end up focusing too much on one section, and missing out on others.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the test.  Look at past exams or ask previous students.  This will give you an idea of the format of the test.
  3. Outline the unit.  By outlining the unit, you will have the opportunity to fill in as much details as you know about each section before looking at your notes.  This will help you determine the material you need to focus the most on.  
  4. Study with a friend.  If you have a friend in the class, go over the material together.  Share different ways on remembering the concepts.
  5. Go to office hours.  Talk with your professor to polish up a skill.  Often times, the professors and TA's have their own ways of remembering things that can help.  


Your Turn

How often in advance do you begin studying for exams?  What is your go to memorization trick?