Following your passions in college

It's easy for us to choose majors that will make a lot of money or guarantee a job in the future. I'm not going to say that's why I'm a finance major, but it added to it. You can major in something like that and still follow your passions in college. Here's how:


Try This


Join a club. Surround yourself with people with the same motives and passions as you. You will make new friends and always have a place to go if find yourself in a slump.

Add a minor. Minor in something you are passionate about. It will make your degree path much more enjoyable.

Get a job.  Say you like photography, but you don’t want to major in it. Get a job at a museum or photo studio. You could even intern for a professional photographer you know. You will have the opportunity to learn new skills and do something you like to do.

Join a social campaign. Follow the thing you are passionate about on social media. Listen to a podcast, subscribe to a YouTube channel, etc.  For example, my friend is passionate about gender equality but she isn’t majoring in Women’s Studies.  Instead she takes on the activist role by going to events and doing various things to support the movement.

Write about it.  Start a blog, become a poet, or write a book. Writing about it will help you express yourself. It also will help you learn more about the subject because you will do more in-depth research on the topic more often.


Your turn

What are you passionate about? How are you following your passions?