What to do When you HATE a Class

So the drop deadline has either just passed or is right around the corner for you. At this point, you're almost sure about your feelings toward the teaching style, work load, or class as a whole. Odds are, you won't graduate college and perfectly love every class you've ever taken. 


Drop or Not

Before dropping a class, ask yourself a few questions. 

  1. Is there another teacher's section you could swap into?
  2. Is it a graduation requirement?
    1. Is there another class that also fulfills this requirement?
  3. Is it impossible to get into the class?
  4. Is this a class in a sequence (math, science, etc.)? 
  5. Will dropping result in a W or affect your GPA?
What to do When you HATE a Class - classroom

Troublesome Subject

Do the readings. Sometimes the readings are not necessary. However, if you are struggling with a particular subject, I would suggest you read before class so that you can ask any questions that you have that the professor does not explain in the lecture.

Take good notes. It's important for you to take good notes so when you are studying, you are fully informed of what could be on the test. When you are studying, email your TAs/Professors clarifying questions. Also, use your library resources and your favorite search engine to help you answer any questions.

What to do When you HATE a Class - math

I love YouTube because a lot of professors from other schools share lectures and study tips which are suuuuper helpful. 

Get a tutor. If you're also a limited income college student, try splitting the cost of a tutor with someone else in the class. Also, ask students that have previously taken the course for help. Ask family members to support your cause (really, people love helping college students).


Mismatched Styles

Sometimes teachers don't post their slides, or go over content quicker than you expected. You don't have to struggle with the class just because your learning style doesn't match your professor's teaching style.

Have a positive attitude. Having a negative mindset can be very distracting. By being positive, you will absorb more information than you would have, had you been thinking "I can't wait to leave" all of class.

What to do When you HATE a Class - lecture

Trick your brain. Trick your brain into paying attention by having open body language. Try not to cross your arms or legs while your professor is teaching so that way your brain  knows to engage with the professor.

Come to class prepared. Sometimes, this could mean being mentally prepared (i.e. workout before class so that you are less stressed). It could also mean that you have read the assigned text and have all of your materials. It could also mean both. 


Your Turn

Have you ever hated a class? Tell me in the comments which one & why.

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