You didn’t get the grade you wanted … now what?

It’s time for my second round of exams. Last time, I did not do as well as I wanted. I realized that it’s sometimes okay to let yourself down.  You’re not always going to get the grade you want. What matters is how you go about getting a better grade next time.  

Improve your exam grades with 3 steps
  1. Don’t beat yourself up. Most of the time after a test we have a pretty clear idea of how we did. Don’t let it ruin your day. The test happened. What matters is that you tried your best. You got the grade now move on. In fact, clear your head afterwards (go for a run, watch a movie). Remember clearing your head is not the same as rewarding yourself. Don’t reward yourself (so no shopping this time).
  2. Study differently. If you felt like you studied a lot for the previous exam, do something different this unit. Give yourself a practice quiz. Study with a friend in the class. Stop by office hours to ask clarifying questions. If you did not study enough, study more and go to a review session.
  3. Go into the test confidently and stress-free. You are smarter with this test than the previous one. You know the test format. You have studied better. 

Bonus: After you get a better grade, reward yourself. Remember the things you did to prepare for this exam and do it for the next exam too.


Your turn

How did you react to your first college exam grade you did not like? Did you change your study habits or just figure that was how the rest of the semester would go?