Preparing for Interviews in 5 Easy Steps

So you want an interview? But are you ready for an interview? First things first: don't plan on "winging it" ever. Let's get you prepared!


Preparing for Interviews in 5 Easy Steps - interview

Step one: determine where you will meet said company. If you will meet a representative of the firm at a career fair, your research may not have to be as extensive. If you will meet the company in a smaller setting, it will require more work.


Step two: ask questions. Ask your friends and glassdoor what kind of questions the company asks in interviews. These questions should help you determine how you will prepare for the interview.


Step three: in-depth company research. As much as an interview is the company determining whether you are a good fit, it is you determining if the company is a good fit for your personal goals. An interview should never be one-sided. Company research is the first step in determining whether you would like to work for a company. Based on what you find in research should determine if you proceed in the application process. 


Preparing for Interviews in 5 Easy Steps - research

Step four: practice with a friend. If you will meet the recruiter at an event, practice your elevator pitch and differentiating yourself. If you are meeting the company for the first time during your interview, fine tune your interview skills.


Step 5: pick the right outfit. I know this sounds superficial but your appearance is a big part of your first impression. For a career fair, please dress conservatively (i.e.  dark suits, closed-toe shoes you can walk in (for the ladies), white or blue shirts). For an interview, your dress should reflect the office culture. If you are ever unsure, remember: 

You can never be overdressed, only underdressed.



More on company research

Company research is incredibly important. I've created a document that outlines some of the most important aspects to consider during your research. 

This research document could be yours! Click on the image to download it.


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Preparing for Interviews in 5 Easy Steps