5 Ways to Make Money in College

I’m not going to try to convince you to get a job, in fact, I hope I can convince you to do the opposite. Sometimes having a job during college isn’t worth the added stress. If you don’t need a consistent job, but like a little extra spending money here and there, here are a few things you can do to earn a little extra pocket change.

5 Ways to Make Money in College - books

Sell old textbooks. Unless your campus has some sort of “we beat competitors” statement, I’d advise you to go to an off-campus bookstore. There are usually a few different text book places around college campus that buys books for more than the bookstore will give and sells them cheaper.

Sell your party clothes. Let’s be honest, besides that black mini-dress that somehow still fits from freshman year, how many outfits have you worn out more than twice? Once you and your best friend are done wearing an outfit, sell it. After selling it, you’ll have more money towards those shoes you’ve been eyeing and more room in your closet for the jacket you need to match the shoes!


Play the stock market. I know I’m a finance major, but please don’t ask me to give you stock advice. If you’re good at this, you can make a good amount of money in a decent amount of time, or save money for after graduation (or even retirement). One piece of advice that I’ve received in several seasoned investors is to never invest in IPOs unless you know for certain that the company will perform at top levels for several years to come.


5 Ways to Make Money in College - Taxi

Be a DD (designated driver)! Keep your friends safe and make money (it’s a great idea). Here’s what you do: tell everyone riding with you for the night to Venmo/Cash App/Zelle you a few dollars less than what they would normally spend on a taxi. Unless you drive a gas guzzling car, you can make 40ish dollars and have a nice night out!


Put your makeup skills to work. Are you really good at hair or makeup? Prom season is nearing and high school girls will gratefully pay for someone to do their hair or makeup for cheap. If you convince one girl to let you do her makeup, she will likely recommend you to all of her friends! 


Your Turn


Have you had a job during college? How do you avoid asking your family for money? Tell me in the comments below!