Office Hours Quick Tips

Going to office hours can be one of the most impactful decisions you make on your grade. Knowing when to go and how to make the meeting with your professor or TA will make a difference in your grade.

Start getting the most out out office hours with 5 easy actions.
  1. Know when to go. Professors LOVE for students to see them during their office hours. It helps the professors know what concepts students are having trouble concept. Be sure to stop by.
  2. Bring questions. Be very specific. It is rare that a professor will go over the entire material or lecture with you. So, have an idea of what your professor can do to help you understand the material.
  3. Be patient. You may have to wait on the professor to get to the office if you are early or finish with another student.
  4. Talk to other students. You may be able to work out your problem with the other students that are waiting with you. Talking to other students will also give you an idea of what people are struggling with so you don't make the same mistakes.
  5. Go before the exam. Although it may be slightly crowded, this is your last chance to get help before the exam. The professor may be able to give you study tips or calm your nerves about the test.

Bonus tip:  Create an office hours schedule of all of your classes (click here for a template) so you always know when and where to get help without having to dig through your syllabi.


Your Turn

Have you ever been to office hours? Was it helpful?