Staying Productive through the Long Stretch

There is no break from in between Labor Day and thanksgiving at my school. It's a very long stretch. Around this time of the year, it is really easy to become overwhelmed and easily distracted. Try these tips to get more things done.

Start getting more work done ... like a boss!

Start getting more work done ... like a boss!

  1. Put your phone on do not disturb and across the room. If you put your phone across the room you are less likely to respond to every notification right away. If it is on do not disturb you will not know that you are getting notifications to check.
  2. Turn the tv off. Don’t get caught up in your show and distracted from your work.
  3. Mute computer notifications. I’m not so sure about PCs but with my Mac, I can sometimes get distracted with incoming messages to my computer. I mute them and continue my work.
  4. Designate a time for those pesky emails. Emails can be distracting and take more time than you originally planned.  Set aside a specific amount of time to check your emails. Set a timer. Once the time is up, move on. 
  5. Have a snack. Try to eat a piece of fruit or another snack that will give you lasting energy. 
  6. Give your eyes a break. As college students, we are on our computers a lot. This can be hard on the eyes and body.  Take a few minute break. Stand up stretch your legs. Look 10-20 feet away to give your eyes a break.
  7. Stay off of social media. Don’t go on snapchat, instagram, twitter, etc. when taking a break because it can lead you to take a longer break than necessary.


Your turn

What distracts you the most when you want to be productive? How do you stay on task?