Productive Group Studying

You know that person that can't work in groups. They either get distracted or distract everyone else. That's me. Well, it used to be. Here's how I stopped being that person:

Study Place
  1. Have an agenda. If you don't have anything planned to get done, nothing will get done. Prepare a realistic amount of work to complete pick a certain number of chapters to study, complete an assignment, etc.).
  2. Don't expect to get everything done. When it comes to studying in groups, you will probably take more time to finish than it would you alone BUT it will be more accurate. This is because you will be able to gain a deeper understanding or share your knowledge with your study partners.
  3. Don't allow yourselves to get distracted. Laughing and joking is great but don't allow it to get you so far off task that you become unproductive. 
  4. Be mindful of location. Don't expect to get any work done (or hear each other) in a sports bar when a basketball game is on. If you choose to study in the library, reserve a study room if possible. This way you aren't distracting other people in the library. 
  5. Bring a snack (or your coffee) with you. This way you aren't tempted to leave to go get food or rush through your studying. Because we've all thought "can we just go eat instead," at least once or twice.

Bonus tip: Get real sleep (like 6+ hours) after a good study session, so your brain can process and store all of the things you practiced!

Your turn

Do you enjoy studying in groups? Why or why not?