What's in my backpack?

Time for your favorite back to school post! 

In dealing with my own hectic life, I have the need to keep my backpack stocked with my favorite school supplies.

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Backpack: I swear by Jansport. The straps are super comfortable. It's lightweight so even with a million things inside, it will not weigh 50+ pounds.

Binders: I believe in investing in a good binder. It makes no sense to buy a cheap binder every semester because the one from last semester is falling apart. I like Avery Binders. I use this one. I rarely see Avery binders fall apart. I would suggest a 2-inch. Since most work is online, there should be no need for a really big binder (depending on your major).

Paper: When it comes to paper, I am a looseleaf girl! I don't have a favorite brand. Notebooks are such a pain. I also re-write my notes when studying and it becomes redundant or inconvenient. I also keep a stack of post-it notes and a few notecards. 

Writing utensils: I ONLY use Sharpies or Bic ... Ever. I have recently discovered gel highlighters! They are great because they do not smear or bleed! I use Bic .05 or .07 lead mechanical pencils. If I am writing only on one side of the paper, I will use a fine tip Sharpie pen. For two-sided writing, I use Bic ball point pens.
Miscellaneous: The smaller pocket of my backpack usually consists of a few different things. Typically a calculator. I am a business major so I use a basic scientific calculator. I almost always have a pair of headphones in my smaller pocket. Lastly, I keep my clicker! I leave my clicker in my bag so that way I do not have to remember to put it back on the days I actually need it.
I use a Jansport super break backpack everyday!

I use a Jansport super break backpack everyday!

Quick picture of the items in my smaller backpack pocket.

Quick picture of the items in my smaller backpack pocket.

Your Turn

What are your favorite school supplies? Do you keep them in a designated pencil pouch or just throw them in your bag?