10 Things to Do at the Start of Winter Break

Finals finally over? Congrats! I just finished my last of the semester too. Time to go party now (mom, I'm kidding). Whether you accomplished all of your semester goals or not, you survived this semester. Be proud of yourself.

10 Things to Do at the Start of Winter Break - Bedroom

Clean your living space. We all know that you probably left a fork in the sink and your bed isn't made. Accept it, during finals cleanliness comes second (maybe third or fourth) to studying. Be sure to clean up so that way you don't come back to a mess after Winter Break. 

Respond to any remaining emails. If you can send and respond to all of your emails during finals week please leave me a comment on how you do it because I can't keep up!

Set an "out-of-office" email response. It can be more of a "enjoy your holidays, I will return on XX"  so that way you don't feel pressured to respond to every email while you are on vacation.


Go out for brunch. Go enjoy your friends before you miss them for the next 3-5 weeks. Last semester a group of people in my major all hung out after our last final and it was so much fun! If you know people in your classes, I strongly recommend. 

Upload pictures to Facebook (this isn't a necessity). But if you upload a few pictures from the semester it may save you a few "how'd the semester go" calls from those family members you only hear from during this time of year. It's also nice to reflect on the good moments of the semester!

EAT A REAL MEAL. When was your last cooked meal (that takes more than 10 minutes to prepare)? For me, finals are typically full of pastas, pizzas, burgers, and ramen (this year has been slightly better). Moral of the story: give your body the nutrients it needs.

10 Things to Do at the Start of Winter Break - Read

Ditch the coffee. Did all of those late-study make you coffee-dependent? Give the coffee a break. Unless you work retail, then have as much coffee with sugar as you need.

Get a full-night of sleep. I've read that it takes 3ish days to change your sleeping patterns ... start today.

Avoid your computer for 24-hours. Seriously take a day off. All of the screen-viewing can be damaging to your eyes (especially if you're straining to see the small laptop screen).

Get some fresh air. Besides walking from building to building or building to car, when was the last time you took a walk or sat outside? Go for a walk, have a snowball fight, or just sit out with a book. I promise it's magical.


Your Turn

So tell me [scroll to the bottom and leave a comment], what was your hardest final? Then tell me what you have in stored for Winter Break.


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10 Things to Do at the Start of Winter Break