Crazy Hectic Update #1

My Crazy Hectic Life is just that Crazy and Hectic right now. I’ll give you a pretty detailed look at what’s going on and what’s coming up. Hopefully, this will explain the blogging break I took in February.

Did you notice the new page? If not, who really checks urls anyways (*shrugs*)? Since I promised more transparency, I made a page for more updates like this one!



Crazy Hectic Update #1 Studying

You know the usual, super busy, exams, homework, clubs. My school is primarily a research institution which is cool because this semester, I’ve gotten to help with some finance research. I’m at a crossroad right now because I’m trying to figure out what I actually want to do with my life and make the right decisions to go in that direction.

Between all of this, I somehow manage to also work two jobs. My jobs are super cool, one is supervising sports and the other has a big role in diversity within my business school. I really oversimplified both jobs, but that's okay. 


Health & Wellness

Crazy Hectic Update #1 Smoothie

I am training for my first 5K that I plan on running early this summer. I’m turning 21 and have determined to be my healthiest self. I’m big about total body wellness. Along with training for my 5K, I am also working on becoming more self-confident.

Good news

I passed the ACE Personal Trainer’s exam. Although I still have a lot to learn before I begin taking on clients, I feel a lot more confident knowing I have the credentials.



So, I’ve been thinking about how I want to brand My Crazy Hectic Life. For a while I feel like I’ve been blogging with no distinct audience. I’m considering converting to a full health blog, but I’m scared I’ll miss the college stuff.

Be sure to follow me on Twitter! I may or may not have a blog logo vote going on very soon.


What's Next

Honestly, I'm learning how to take things one day at a time. Right now, I am securing job shadows about my Plan B, working on a massive overhaul to, and learning how to be the best me. 


Your Turn


I’m always giving advice on my blog so today I’m asking you for some. I would love you for to comment or tweet me advice on how I know I picked the right major, or tips on boosting my self confidence. 

Crazy Hectic Update #1