5 Things to Know About the Bars/Clubs

I originally created this “bars” page to talk about cool drink, and cool bars that I visit. Since turning 21, I’ve been out for drinks a few different times and I’ve learned a few things.

Do know what feeling you’re looking for. Here in Tucson, our “bars” have more-so of a “club” feeling on weekend nights. 

This is important.

Empty Bar

Don’t buy juice. Sure fruity drinks taste better, but if you’re going to spend the money drinking in public, don’t waste it on drinks that are made mostly of juice. 

Don’t waste your money.

Do be safe. Leave with the friends you came with. Make sure your driver is sober (even if that means catching a Uber/Lyft/Cab). 


5 Things to Know Before Going to the Bars/Clubs

Don’t carry a larger bag/purse/wallet than you need. It makes life easier if you only have a simple wristlet if possible. You won’t be subject to searching. A wristlet is harder to lose since it is attached to you. You should be able to worry less about safety concerns. 

And you don’t have to dance and hold a bunch of things.

Do eat make yourself a snack before you go. [Most of the time] people eat before they go out. If you have a snack or small meal prepared for when you get back, you won’t have to try to find a place that is open after you leave the club/bar. 

It will also help your body metabolize any alcohol you had during the night while you sleep!

Let’s Talk

What’s your sure fire tip you give to your friends when they turn 21?