Relieving a week's worth of stress

Finals. Work. Family. Life. All of those good things can sometimes lead to stress. Unfortunately, stress wreaks havoc on your body. Avoid illness or general feelings of overwhelmingness by letting a load off on your next off day. Here's how:

Go for a nature walk. Skip the gym and still get your daily dose of dopamine but this time with a pretty scenery. Walking releases endorphins that relieve stress. Walking is also good for your heart! Go for a walk at a local park or try an easy trail near you.

Go out to eat. After a long day or week, who really wants to cook? Give yourself a cheat day and indulge a little, you've earned it.

Go out for ice cream. Maybe it's just me, but I looove ice cream after a long day. I usually will go with one of my dearest friends and hangout for about an hour. That gives me enough time to enjoy my friend and ice cream while processing my week. If there isn't an ice cream shop near you, try a new flavor from the grocery store together.

Take a bubble bath. Now, I don't usually recommend baths, but they are great to help you unwind. Try using a bath bomb to jazz up your bath a bit. Bath bombs add nutrients for your skin, color, and a pleasant smell.

Go shopping. While you are working hard to spoil everyone around you, who is spoiling you? Buy the purse or shoes you've been dying to have for the past month. You do not have to go on a full shopping spree (for example, I finally finished this semester so I bought myself a new backpack because I really wanted one with a water bottle holder). Instead, buy an item you normally wouldn't buy for self without an occasion.

Get a pedicure. Many toxins are released through the feet. Getting a pedicure will allow you to release some toxins and get a mini-massage (sounds like a win-win for you). If you normally give yourself pedicures, let someone else do it this time so you can enjoy it a bit more. Be sure to go to a credible salon with why hygienic practices!

Binge-watch a new show (or an old favorite show). Sometimes tv is a nice distractor. During your binge, be sure to still get other necessary things done, like cooking or cleaning your room.

Using yoga to relax

Bonus tip: Yoga and breathing techniques are great ways to relieve stress and burn a few calories.  You will be too busy focusing on doing the stretch to think about all of the other things going on in your life.




Your Turn

What is your go-to relaxation strategy? How often do you give yourself a break from your stressful activities?


P.S.  The bath bomb link is an affiliate link. It doesn't cost anything extra to you. So basically, buy a bath bomb, if you would like and Amazon will give me a very small portion of the purchase. 

Don't let your long week ruin your weekend