5 Pro Tips to start eating healthy

My favorite trend is the current "going natural" trend. So many people are cutting out bad lifestyle choices, which is great, but there are some choices they could also make to better their lives.

Health drinks
My favorite daytime snack

My favorite daytime snack

  1. Curb the Coffee Craving.  Black coffee is good for you. However, once you load your coffee with milk, sweeteners, and artificial flavorings, it no longer serves a purpose. You are getting more of a sugar rush than an energy boost from the caffeine, which explains the crash. If you cannot get rid of coffee completely, cut back. Save the sugary drinks for your cheat day (which you are still allowed to have).
  2. Say no to labels. "Diet," "Sugar-free," and labels like that are often used by big name companies to convince people that the food is good for you. Unless the food is organic, it is likely that the company is using a sales tactic. Often, "diet" foods are loaded with artificial sweeteners, artificial preservatives, and artificial food colorings.
  3. Replace unhealthy food with nutrients. Many times, I have seen people cut out carbs or sugars from their diets completely. Unfortunately, those people don't often replace it with anything else. Although many favored carbs are not the best for your health, they do have some nutritious value, like iron. In theory, if you are going to remove something from your diet, replace it with a supplement or another food source. Say you decide to quit eating red meat, be sure to get your protein from chicken, fish, or a plant-based supplement.
  4. Snack throughout the day. Not only do fruits and vegetables digest fast, but they speed up your metabolism. If you are only eating 3-4 times a day, you are probably not intaking enough to nutrients to provide you with enough energy to last throughout the day.
  5. Don't be afraid to ask questions. You should always know what you are eating or drinking. I used to get a smoothie from a popular chain near my place of work until I found out that the restaurant uses a sucralose-based artificial sweetener. When I found out that they had no alternative sweeteners, I stopped going there. Now, I make my own smoothies before work.

If you are committed to enjoying a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly and be cautious of items that are masked as healthy.

Your Turn

What are your fears about eating healthy? If you eat healthy, why did you make the switch?