5 Gym mistakes and how to avoid them


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The gym can be intimidating. Seeing all of those people with your #BodyGoals can be discouraging. Guess what, that's okay. The hardest part is starting, and starting the right way.  Make sure to get off on the right foot with these dos and don'ts:


5 things to  never  do during a workout.

5 things to never do during a workout.

  1. Never miss a Monday workout. A Monday workout will put you in the right mindset to stay healthy and active all week long.
  2. Never skip leg day. Nothing is more satisfying than lifting more weight than you thought you could. Even better, what is more fulfilling than knowing that you have pushed yourself to your limits and then some? Although your legs will be sore (it gets easier over time), it is worth every second. 
  3. Never stretch a cold muscle. Stretching a cold muscle can cause injury. 
  4. Never go to the gym on an empty stomach. By going to the gym without eating, it is likely that you will fatigue faster because your body does not have anything to sustain itself with during the exercise.  After a while, going to the gym on an empty stomach can become counterproductive. It is possible for your body to start deteriorating your muscles to create energy.
  5. Never forget to hydrate. Hydration prevents fatigue and assists in blood flow.




5 Things to  always  do when you workout.

5 Things to always do when you workout.

  1. Always have a workout schedule. By creating and sticking to a workout schedule, you are more likely to achieve your goals faster than if you were to just go whenever you felt like it.

  2. Always have a variety of workout routines. Adding a variety will prevent boredom. It also will keep your muscles from becoming too accustomed to being worked out the same way too often.

  3. Always warm up 3-5 minutes before stretching. To prevent injury, warm up by performing a light exercise: short run, jumping jacks, etc.

  4. Always have a light meal or snack before working out. You do not want to eat too much and become nauseated while you workout, but you want to provide your body with a light substance to sustain you during the workout.

  5. Always take enough water to last the workout. Water will cool you down, assist in blood flow, and prevent fatigue. Nothing is worse thank running out of water and the fountain is on the other side of the gym. Save yourself the interruption, and bring enough water. (The biggest rave right now is the Hydro Flask because it keeps your water cold for a very long time. I recommend a 20 oz. You probably will not need much more water than that during a workout.)

Your Turn

What is one gym rule that you absolutely live by?