5 Things We Think Mid-Workout

Going to the gym isn't always our favorite thing. Sometimes we wish we would've made different choices (like not skipping last week's leg day). Here's to those thoughts in between sets and while struggling to get that last rep done.


Why am I here?

Homer food gif

… And then we remember the real reason. Liking food is in no way a bad thing, as long as you are eating in moderation. So maybe avoid eating pizza and bagels at the same time. But if you do choose to eat pizza and bagels, go with a whole wheat bagel or add veggies to your pizza. Don't forget that "cheat" day isn't "give up on yourself" day.


I should’ve eaten that salad.

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I'm guessing you went with the pizza and bagels? Sometimes we think that maybe if we ate better we would not have to workout at all.  Because you know, our metabolism is our best friend. Diet is actually one of the main reasons people do not see any progress when beginning a new workout regiment.  So do not be afraid to change your diet to fit your lifestyle goals.

Or maybe, we just got hungry mid-workout.


The StairMaster is not your friend

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After a full leg workout, cooling down is hard. It's even harder on the StairMaster. Squats, deadlifts, and lunges will have their revenge.


Maybe I'm just weak

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Just when you're ready to call a spotter, you start feeling weak or helpless. You think that pushing yourself to the limits was pointless. You fear never seeing any results.  Those negative things aren't really true. Sure you may need a spotter, but that is a good practice! Never max out without a spotter nearby.



I can handle anything


After a heavy set, our adrenaline gets pumping and our inner spartans come out. The previous regrets we had begin to dissipate.  From here on, the rest of the workout is ours to destroy!


Your Turn

What is your favorite song to listen to while you workout? How do you stay motivated mid-workout when your muscles start getting tired?