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Hey everyone! This post is a lot different than a lot of the posts I've written in the past. Every post is something that has affected me. I am always super passionate to share my posts with you. This is why sometimes it's one post a week and sometimes three. This post is something that is currently affecting me. I'm going to be completely transparent, while trying not to be overly graphic. What I reveal in this post does not affect the blog. I am still working on my goals and providing you all my best content.


Tribe, I've been sick. Like really sick. Between December and January, I lost quite a few pounds (almost 10). I don't keep a scale but my natural body weight is around 110. I usually range from 108-112, depending on different factors. In January, I was 102 and dropping. I was not on any weight loss program or working out extra hard. In fact, I hadn't been to the gym in about a month. So what happened?


I got sick. 


I'm not dying, but I thought I was (tip: WebMD is scary). Right around finals in December, I lost the ability to hold food or water down. I went to the hospital and they thought it was a stomach bug or my gallbladder. Well, a week went by and it was clear that it was not a virus. I'm 19 and don't plan on having gallbladder surgery anytime soon. 


What happens next?


I tried to eat lighter, less-greasy foods to hopefully prove it's not my gallbladder. When I first began vomiting I had been eating more greasy foods because #finals and I didn't have time to cook. I generally eat pretty healthy (ask my Snapchat friends), but things still weren't improving.

Me when my stomach hurts

Me when my stomach hurts


I stopped eating. I was vomiting almost everything, so I was scared to eat. I would eat maybe once a day and a snack here or there. My jeans became looser. My eyes had dark circles. I wasn't sleeping much. It was terrible.

I haven't been to a doctor's since my pediatrician's scheduling staff said I couldn't see her anymore. That was about 18 months ago. So I found a primary care physician (pcp) near my apartment and schedule the first appointment that I could. I talked with him for a while. As a result I was referred to a specialist and given an acid suppression medicine. The specialist said it was one of three things:

  1. Ulcers
  2. Celiacs (gluten allergy)
  3. My gallbladder 

Once again, I am 19, and do not plan on having any major surgeries anytime soon. 


I had an endoscopy which is a minor procedure performed to rule out the first two items on the list. So they put me to sleep, stuck a camera down my throat, and took a tissue sample. I don't have any ulcers (or the bacteria that causes it), or a gluten allergy.


The endoscopy revealed gastritis.


Immediately, I start to think I'm dying again. By this time, over a month has gone by and I had already started feeling slightly better. But gastritis sounds scary, so I worked myself into a frenzy. Gastritis is simple; basically my stomach is swollen. The reason why is currently unclear. My pcp believes that my stomach is currently overproducing acid because of a food sensitivity. So over the next few months, I will be trying different foods to determine those sensitivities (yay for eating everything).


The scoop on the vlog


I told you in my goals that I will be starting a vlog. That is still happening this year. I want to share lots of health videos and workout videos. Once I am cleared to train again, I will be working on those videos. I'm only working out once a week (it's killing me faster than the gastritis) so I am not ready to publish those quite yet. Once my pcp clears me to resume my normal training, I will begin recording those videos and publishing them.


New priorities

Not my fruit, but I wish it were!

Not my fruit, but I wish it were!

Since my diagnoses, I've had to make a few lifestyle changes. 

I am now focused on reducing stress. By reducing stress, it is easier to track the symptoms strictly from my stomach. 

Using my planner. Planning is fun and keeps everything under control. This way I don't get "too sick to remember" my priorities.

Eating better. I'm researching ways to eat properly and control cravings (books, podcasts, etc.). Cooking has also become fun to me. I love my meal prep days! 

Focusing on school. It's been more important now to focus on school and landing an internship. Not only is school getting harder (and I am working more hours), but when I get sick, it feels impossible to get anything done. So I have to get everything done on time.



Next on the blog


Next we will talk about what I love and what I don't love to eat.


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