My Crazy Hectic Paleo Life

Remember when I decided to try the paleo diet? Well I loved it ... for two months. It was probably one of the best things I’ve ever tried. The thing is, I never actually “wanted” to live a Paleo lifestyle. There’s nothing wrong with it. Had I tried it for the right reasons, it may have had another outcome. Anyways, here’s what happened …


I learned a lot…

My Crazy Hectic Paleo Life - pancakes

I learned how to cook! Before I got sick, I didn’t really know how to cook. Being Paleo required me to cook and meal prep often. So in two short months, I learned how to cook a few more meals using minimally (if at all) processed ingredients. Even now, I continue to make some of those meals and snacks.

I may not be paleo anymore, but a lot of my meals are!


I learned about balance! It is super easy to become deficient in a nutrient when you cut out as many food groups as the paleo diet removes. For example, fats help us absorb nutrients, but I wasn’t eating enough of them. I cut the fat out of my meat (or buy really lean meats), and I didn’t use butter or oils to cook my food. Needless to say, I was constantly hungry. Why? Basically I was digesting faster than my body could pull out all of the nutrients. 

I learned about variety! Honestly, eating the same things all the time is super boring. When I first started the Paleo diet (lifestyle choice?) I ate the same things constantly. I found myself wanting to eat bad things again (I only cheated once). The point was, I needed to learn how to make different foods. I would meal prep one new item a week and cook something new during the weekends. A lot of the things I learned to cook I still eat (spaghetti tastes better when it’s paleo, so do fish sticks)!


I learned about food quality. I could go on for days about why it’s super important about the source of your foods, don’t worry, I won’t ;). In short, where your food comes from plays a role in the amount of nutrients and how well those nutrients are absorbed from a food source. 


I learned about my allergies! Remember the gastritis episode? I originally tried the paleo diet because I needed to figure out what caused my stomach to swell (and all of the other problems that came with it). After 2.5 months, I was still getting sick. I cut out everything I was allergic to and food items that cause swelling. So I went back for a new blood test, and found out that I was allergic to something I had been eating throughout the diet, and practically my entire life.

There’s scientific studies as to why, but while I was paleo, my seasonal allergies had also subsided. 


So what’s next?

Honestly, I’m not sure. Right now, I am striving to eat enough of a balanced and varied diet. I still try my best to stay away from processed foods. Some of the foods, I cut out I still do not eat. I am also focused on gaining back the weight I lost (I’m up a few pounds too!). As long as I stay healthy, I will probably continue to eat clean and try to avoid extreme diets! I've thought about Paleo again. I really loved it. I just would have to make the conscious decision that it would be a lifestyle choice. I would probably go at the 80/20 rule the next time around!

My Crazy Hectic Paleo Life - weights


Part of my New Year’s resolution was to start vlogging. Although, I’m not quite there yet, it is still a dream that I have not given up on. Going with that, most likely (fingers crossed, and a whole lot of prayer), I will have my Personal Trainer’s certificate before next semester begins!


Your Turn

Have you completely given up on your New Year’s resolutions yet? What obstacles have you faced this year?

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My Crazy Hectic Paleo Life