5 Hidden germ factories

Seems like everyone is coughing or sneezing around you? Don’t want to get sick.  Do you get sick even when taking preventative measures? There are a few things in plain sight that we all forget to sanitize every once in a while. Be sure to avoid the following 5 things.

  1. Chewing your pens and pencils. Your pens and pencils can expose you to bacteria and viruses because they are in touched by you in different situations (dirty hands, hands after you shake hands, etc). Pencils have the opportunity to picking up germs left on the desk by a previously sick person. Pencils can also catch the sneeze of the person sitting next to you.
  2. Not cleaning your keyboard or computer case for that matter. How many of us eat while we are on the computer --- in public? How many of us take notes in class on our computer? See the problem? By not cleaning your keyboard and then touching your mouth, you are eating the person who sneezed behind you's germs.
  3. Never washing your backpack or cleaning your purse. Backpacks get sweaty, coughed on, set on floors, which basically means that backpacks are a breeding ground for germs.
  4. Not disinfecting your phone (or its accessories, chargers, headphones, etc.). Phones are gross. They go everywhere with us and are constantly being touched but aren't always cleaned often enough. I usually use alcohol and a cotton ball about once a week.
  5. Tying your shoes and touching your face.  Think about how low you get to the ground to tie your shoes.  Sometimes you even touch the ground too.  It happens.  But how often do you forget that you tied your shoes and then touch our face? You just put all of those germs from the floor onto your face. Sorry. 

Bonus: Do you drive? How often do you disinfect your steering wheel?  After all, your car transports you to and from the germ factory (school, work, the grocery store).

This post isn’t meant to scare you. Just be more proactive on preventing the spread of illness. Wash your hands, change your sheets, stay healthy.


Your Turn

Does getting sick seem inevitable? Do you ever want to give up on the preventative measures?