10 Things to do When You Don't Meet Your Goals

This is a tough post to write. Mostly because it requires me accepting the fact that I didn’t meet all of my goals this year. It’s true. I didn’t meet all of my goals this year. I wouldn’t say I was too ambitious in setting my goals. Instead, I simply did not leave room for the “life factor” when I created my goals. Even though I didn’t meet all of my goals, 2017 was still a really great year for me. I'm also glad that this kind of reflection will be my last post of 2017!


There were goals unmet … Now what?


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Give yourself more time. Some goals will be longer term than you first expected. That’s okay, as long as you don’t let that stop you from creating goals. Still do the thing you originally planned to do.


Make the goal smaller. Maybe there were too many moving pieces to your last goal. Instead of immediately giving up, break the goal into smaller, more attainable goals.


Set a new goal. Sometimes goals don’t get accomplished because we realize that the goal is no longer in line with what we want to do. Replace the goal that no longer fits in with a more relevant goal.


Phone a friend. Conquer your new goal with the help of someone that will keep you accountable.


Create a schedule. Write in dates that you need milestones completed in order to achieve your goal.


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Remind yourself. It’s sometimes easy to forget about a long-term goal when you don’t have constant reminders. Try using sticky notes or calendar reminders.


Do more research. Learn what it will take to actually finish your goal. Sometimes we don’t finish goals because we didn’t have a clear understanding of what would go into each step of accomplishing your goal.


Read up on it. Read books, blogs, or magazines to learn how other people tackle similar goals.


Create a Pinterest board. I love Pinterest (I’m pretty sure I mention the site verrry often). It’s nice because most of the things you want to see have been made and look nearly perfect.


Don’t give up. Whatever you do, don’t give up on your goals or dreams.

Have a fun and safe New Years Eve!

Your Turn

Did you meet all of your goals this year? Have you made your 2018 New Years Resolutions yet?

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10 Things to do When You Don't Meet Your Goals