Following through on your New Years Resolutions

Stop excusing yourself from chasing your dreams. Make them come true instead.

Now that school has started again, it is easy to become distracted with everything going on in life. Even with a busy schedule, it is possible to achieve goals. Set a personal goal to achieve for every school/professional goal. Got them set? Now ... go after them!


    Use active goal setting strategies. A goal is just an idea if there is not action plan. Develop a reasonable plan to achieve this year's goals. Some ideas to include while brainstorming are "What are my goals," "Why do I want to complete them," "When I achieve them, I will feel ___," and lastly "What 3 things will I do to work towards my goal."


    Read. Even if it's just a page a day. Although it may seem like you have no time to read, squeezing in five minutes is possible. Try reading instead of watching tv with dinner. If that doesn't work, read to help yourself fall asleep. Instead of reading a school/work-related book, read a book that will help you grow as a person. I am currently reading Lindsey Vonn's Strong is the New Beautiful. This book will help me work towards my personal goal of becoming physically and mentally stronger.


    Create a vision board. Ever heard of a vision board? Well it's a poster made out of pictures of your goals and dreams -- collage style. Now take it a step forward. Instead of having ending points on the board, find pictures of the steps it will take to get there. Then, throw some quotes and glitter on that board! Hang it by the door, above your desk, or any area that you look everyday.

I created this vision board for a school project in PowerPoint.

I created this vision board for a school project in PowerPoint.


    Join an accountability group. It is so much easier to do something when others are doing the same. Meet up with someone (or a small group) dedicated to a similar goal and go after it as a team. Search for a Twitter chat, Facebook group, or Google local groups!


    Create a Pinterest board. Do you have any secret boards? No, well now is the time to start. Learn how other people achieved the same goal as you. Save it to your board. Best part is that you will never have to worry about your followers seeing those pins! This way you can go back for encouragement, or get ideas from others.


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Your Turn

How do stay accountable to yourself? How are your New Years resolutions coming along?