What's the deal with "summer bodies?"

It's Spring Break time, which basically means those who started working out in January because they had a huge trip planned will quit for a few weeks just to prepare for their summer trip. It's a never ending cycle.  I think it's time to break that cycle.


Society shouldn't dictate our #BodyGoals

Odds are you won't be on the cover of a magazine just because you went to the beach. So why act like it? Actually, magazines cover models are usually airbrushed and then photoshopped anyways. So unless you plan to airbrush yourself before going to the beach, stop putting so much emphasis on being "in shape" for a specific event.  Sometimes those models don't like the changes magazines make to their bodies.


Are you calling me crazy yet?

I forgive you. 

Research shows it takes about 12 weeks of consistent behavior to form a habit. If it takes 3 months to get in the habit of eating clean, working out, and taking better care of yourself overall, why quit after your expensive vacation?

These women are beautiful

What is a "summer body" anyways?

I literally hate the term and the hashtag! By saying "this is my summer body" literally implies you have a different body for every season. What's your Autumn body like then? It's not terrible to want to be fit for a vacation, wedding, etc. However, if reaching that goal dictates how you will feel looking at pictures from that specific period of time is bothersome, then there is a problem.  


When I hear the term "summer body" or somebody say "I have to get in shape for summer," I think crash dieting, over-exercising, and vitamin deficiencies. I'm not saying that it is impossible to change your body for an event the right way. I am saying that it is super common for people (men and women) to do it the wrong way to impress others.

Losing 10 pounds for a specific event gives you permission to gain it back when the event is over.

Moral of the Story

Friends, we are waaay to busy to let society dictate how hard we go in the gym for specific periods of time.  You also have to remember that everyone's body basically comes with a default setting. Deviating from that setting takes a lot work for and effort.  Once you've reset your weight set point, it won't be a "summer body" that is your body to maintain. Love yourself and don't let society or a season determine how well you treat yourself. 


Thanks for sticking around!

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Have you ever said "I'm getting summer ready?" What keeps you motivated to stay healthy year-round?