Planning with the Happy Planner

Planning to plan, but don't know where to start?

Try setting aside an hour a week to plan. This hour, if you don't get another will be your "me time," so be sure to grab coffee, cozy slippers, and maybe watch Netflix in the background. Over the course of this year, I will be sharing my journey with this new planner. Stay tuned!


Planning can be super easy, once you know what you are doing. For starters, did you know that there are different planner layouts? Most people buy the typically horizontal layout (pictured below). Usually, I would stop using a planner halfway through the year. That's when I developed my life binder system. When I first created my life binder, I thought traditional planners just didn't work for me. My life binder is a work in progress. I started with the traditional layout and by the end of the year I used more of a horizontal layout. That's why I switched to the Happy Planner!


Horizontal Layouts

Horizontal layouts are great for checklists. If you like color coding, using a horizontal layout will work well for you. I used a basic Mead planner last year (very similar to this one). If you effectively use a horizontal planner, tell me how in the comments!

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Planning with the Happy Planner


Step 1: Write in pencil


First write in plans for the week in pencil. Trust me, I used the mistake of writing in pen and it made it more difficult to cover it up. You may be able to skip this step if you have a consistent layout or know what will go in each space without writing it.



Most people divide their Happy Planners into "Morning, Afternoon, and Night." I have decided to divide my planner into "School, Blog, and Work." It is slightly easier on me to divide the categories rather than the times. Choose how you will divide it for yourself.


Step 2: Decorate


You can use stickers, colored pens and markers, washi tape, ribbon, and all sorts of other crafty items to decorate your planner. Finding free planner printables is super easy. Pinterest has lots of them! 


This week's layout

This week's layout

I use the Big Happy Planner with stickers pinned on the board above. Check it out!


Step 3: Fill in details


This is easy part. Write in the things you have to do this week. Use your color code or other design pattern. Don't be afraid to change your weekly layout.


If you do not have your planner for 2017, you can purchase this one here. I removed the original cover and bought a snap-in cover. If you like this template, you can download it here

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Your Turn

What planner do you use? Do you color code?

Bloggers: Do you keep your blog plans with everything else? Why or why not?