Finishing off your Life Binder

When we started this Life Binder together, I told you that I had 5 sections

  1. Budgeting  ... Found here
  2. Life Planning ... Found here
  3. Meal Planning ... Found here
  4. School Planning ... Found here
  5. Personal Information

In my personal information section, I include my goals, blogging lists, and various other papers I may need, like medical documents, etc.  Some bloggers use the personal section to keep their passwords (thanks Apple for storing all of mine).  I have also seen the personal section being used to keep important documents.  I personally would not keep important documents in this section just in case you spill something on the binder or the papers wear.

Tidy tip: To prevent your binder from being filled with useless papers, throw away daily lists (and weekly if you do not think you will need them again), old meal planners, and old assignment calendars at the end of the month.

As a thank you for reading my life binder series, I have a bonus binder cover and 1in spine for you!

Your Turn

How has the life binder helped you so far in organizing? Has it taught you anything about yourself or your organizing style? Let me know in the comments!