Using a Monthly Calendar ... the right way

Before I created my life binder, I never knew how important the monthly calendar was to planning. It's actually one of the most important steps to planning. The monthly calendar when used properly, will be your aid to weekly planning.

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Click to download this free monthly calendar!

Click to download this free monthly calendar!


Let's get a little personal. Are you a student? Are you a mom? Are you an entrepreneur? Guess what, the monthly calendar can help you with any aspect of your life.

Use a monthly calendar for all events that are known at least a month in advance.

Write, Write, Write

Filling in the monthly calendar is super easy. Just decide what events you plan on a monthly basis. Choose one or more of the following categories:

  • Meal Planning or Meal Prepping Schedules
  • Tracking school assignments
  • Exercise plans and workout routines
  • Outfit planners
  • Work schedule
  • Advertising or blogging schedules
  • Meeting dates
  • Important appointment dates
  • Something I left out?



Pencil or Pen it in?


Pencil it in

  • Items subject to change.  Don't bother with writing in pen just to cover it with white-out later.
  • To decorate later. Are you a #PlannerAddict? Some people do all of their weekly and monthly layouts in advance (go them), while others wait until a week or two before (definitely me). So it makes more sense to write in pencil just incase something clashes with a decoration.
  • To color code. Sometimes pencil is mixed in with the color code (guilty), and that's totally fine. 

Ticonderoga pencils are my absolute favorite pencils to use. Super old school, but they gets the job done. Ticonderoga pencils erase waaaaay easier than mechanical pencils. 

Remember the days we could only use wooden pencils on scantron exams?



Pen it in

  • The event is set in stone. Even though it is January, some of my May, like my final exams, events are more final than my March events.
  • To prevent pencil smudges. Honestly, this one of the main reasons I use pens. I hate when I've written something but I cannot tell what it is because the pencil smeared.
  • It's the month of the event.  Usually by the month of the event, the event details are beginning to be finalized. At that point, it is okay to write in pen. It is also okay to cover your calendar in washi tape and go planner crazy.

I love Bic pens: cheap, expensive, it doesn't matter. The Bic Atlantis pens are super comfortable to write with and the colors are amaaazing. When I lose all of the Bic Atlantis, I usually use the Bic Xtra Bold.


My Planner

Monthly Planning with the Happy Planner

I use my monthly calendar for school. It has all current due dates minus pre-reading. 


I recently developed Planner Fever so even my monthly calendar pages are decorated. This is a more basic layout, but I have Big plans for February!


As you can see, February isn't decorated or written in with pen. This weekend I will add some stickers and washi tape. After that, every thing will be in pen!

Monthly Planning with the Happy Planner

Your Turn 

What kinds of events do you plan on a monthly basis?

What are your favorite writing utensils to use?