Life Binder: Planning Ahead

Do you feel like those cutesy planners with the stickers and wash tape aren't really your thing? Do you feel like most affordable planners don't have enough lines or sections? Try my printables.

I am not a planner

I've seen a bunch of adorable planners on Pinterest, I have planner stickers, heck, I even have washi tape and a billion markers.  But I am NOT a planner, if you are looking for an in-depth planning blog, check out or 

I am an organizer

I do not like when my things get too cluttered. I especially dislike when I feel like things are too hectic. I love when I know where to find things. I love keeping my desk clean and simple. So having several separate books for my recipes, budget, planner, passwords, etc., quickly overwhelms me. 

How I organize my life

Click to download this worksheet!

Click to download this worksheet!

I start with a monthly calendar. I write important birthdays, project due dates, test dates, conferences, etc. Basically, the monthly calendar is for non-frequent events.

How to be successful

  • Color code based on importance
  • Don't include weekly meetings

  • Write important dates don't as soon as you receive them

Click to download this worksheet!

Click to download this worksheet!


Next I plan my week. This printable is divided into "must-dos" and "should-dos."


  • Anything that requires a sense of urgency
  • Assignments, paying bills, grocery shopping


  • Anything that you need to do but if you find yourself running out of time at the end of the day can you can put off
  • Phone calls, that assignment you started early, etc.
Click to download this worksheet!

Click to download this worksheet!

Lastly I plan my day. I am a morning person. Some days I plan first thing when I wake up. Most days, I plan the night before.

I put my work schedule in my phone so that way if I leave this sheet on my desk or something, I know that whatever I am working on is limited to before I go to work. 

If you know me, you know I am always doing something. I use each section very often.

Working on assignments: this is for that reading assignment that is not important enough for the other calendars, or other simple assignments.

Doing projects: this is not limited to school projects. Feel free to include DIY projects, research, and anything long-term self-improvement work. 

Going to the store for: I used to lose my grocery list before it made it to the store. That changed when I started including it with my calendars.

Doing housework: so you don't forget to dust your ceiling fan, or that it's your turn to wash the dishes.

Your Turn

What are your favorite planning tools? How do you plan on improving your planning this semester?