3 Simple Ways to Create a Vision Board

I am a huge believer that a dream can become a reality. Why else go to college? Something I started doing my freshman year was creating vision boards. It helps me envision what I want for myself. If it is somewhere visible, it is good for helping you keep you accountable. If you see your goals every day, you will remember to take steps toward your goals every day.


When creating your vision board, think it through. Consider the all of the little steps in between where you are now and your end goal. Include things to help you get through the tough parts and help keep the fire going through the easy parts. Vision boards are a great place to remind yourself of your New Year’s Resolutions too!


Microsoft PowerPoint

Have you ever created a vision board using Microsoft PowerPoint? It’s so much fun and pretty easy (unless your corners need to line up perfectly). You will only need one slide. Google a bunch of pictures and put them on the PowerPoint slide. You can add in words using different fonts and colors. Print out the vision board and hang it near your desk!

            Pro tip: try to find as many transparent images as possible

3 Simple Ways to Create a Vision Board- example

Adobe Photoshop

The idea behind Photoshop is exactly the same as using Microsoft PowerPoint. Photoshop is great because you get to fine-tune the details a little better. Photoshop documents (.psd) can also be saved as images. This way, instead of printing your vision board, you can set your vision board as your computer’s desktop background.


Photo Collage Apps

Everyone has their favorite photo editors and collage apps. Let’s be completely honest, we all have one class that we pretty much play on our phones in the whole time (sorry mom). Next time you’re bored in class, instead of wasting time on Twitter, be productive. Create a vision board in your favorite collage app and save it as your home screen. 


Cork Boards

3 Simple Ways to Create a Vision Board - Personal

I felt the need to add this in on the off chance that someone has never seen or heard of a vision board. A cork board vision board is the real-life application of those third-grade magazine clipping projects. They are 100% worth the time and commitment. I have one next to my bed. When I wake up in the morning I see all of the things that are important to me. I have pictures of my family, magazine clippings, quotes, tweets, and goals. Although my vision board may not mean much to other people, I know what each thing means to me.


Other people do not have to understand your vision board. They just need to know you have a vision.

Your Turn

Do you have a vision board? If so, where do you keep it?

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3 Simple Ways to Create a Vision Board