Paris: First 48

My first 48 hours in Paris were everything & more.

Day 1: Travel

Whew sis, the first day was crazy long. We left Tucson Thursday at 5 am and arrived in Paris Friday at 9am (8-hour time difference for the win). I didn’t sleep much the night before or on the plane, but we did it.

I lost my moment lens in the airport, so if anyone would like to start a go fund me, I wouldn’t be mad at that

We got to the hotel from the airport around noon. Guess what, not all of the rooms were ready (mine).

A Neighbood Stoll

My professor told us we were taking a stroll around the neighborhood. This “stroll” turned out to be 5 miles long. During the stroll, we walked through the Louvre, the Arc de Triumph, and the Eiffel Tower!

We were so tired during the “stroll” that we really didn’t take in what was going on. My professor seemed very amused by this.

Day 2: Wow, I’m really in Paris

I really did not feel like I was in Paris most of Friday. I needed some time to let it all sink in. Saturday, we did the most.

Notre Dame

A lot of the old architecture in Paris is Gothic. The Notre Dame, is one of the most beautiful buildings that I have ever seen.


Saturday, we took our first walking tour. It lasted approximately 2 hours. We explored a bit of Notre Dame, saw some of the right bank, and took a bunch of photos.

Galeries Layfette

Another everything and more moment. The Galerie is basically a shopping mall with I believe 7 floors. Yet another super beautiful building. Me and my newly made friends did not make it past the second floor.

We explored the women’s floor and then ate before returning to the hotel.

Point to Ponder 2

During our short stroll yesterday you had an opportunity to take in one of the most beautiful cities in the world using all of your senses. Today I would like for you to pay particular attention to the most memorable activities that you do today describe those in detail and place them in a context that connects them to this experience.

The most memorable activity was Blizz’art. Blizz’art is a French concert+ venue. It was a pretty small hole-in-the-wall place.

What made it special?

The Aesthetic

The aesthetic was not made for instagram, but it was so cute. It was dark, with red spotlights throughout.


The Vibe

It was very low key. Most of the locals there were dressed casually. The bartenders were lovely. The music … perfect.

Can I Go Back?

This place was especially memorable because I felt at home. The singer came and hugged my group of friends during intermission. Although a French speaker, she sang in English. Her set list featured songs we knew (like Michael Jackson). Most of the people there were extremely friendly or genuinely interested in having a good time.