What's up with AFAS 497 & going to Paris?

Hello Hectic Life Tribe!

This post should probably go in the “My Life” blog, but whatever. Last time we spoke/read/(you know), I was thinking about quitting my blog. After taking the two months off, I’ve realized how much I’ve grown with you all. So I’m baaaack!!!

This is my last semester of undergrad.

I am only taking 3 required courses, two being gen eds that I didn't get out of the way earlier *insert eye roll emoji here*.

I am taking an additional 7 week course (AFAS 497 - I highly recommend for all UofA students). Now I know y’all, you’re probably thinking “Meiah, why are you putting more work on yourself?”

I’m going to PARIS!!!! This seven week course requires a few things:

  1. Me to basically blog everyday for 10 days in Paris

  2. A 360 degree video project

  3. A final project

Not bad for seven weeks? I’m really excited that I get to use new tools and get even better at my photo and video skills. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some of my recent travels so these new pages aren’t empty and I’m really looking forward to getting back into this blogging thing!

I will be posting to my YouTube channel (something I was supposed to start doing months ago), but if you haven’t subscribed, now is your chance by clicking the icon in my side bar or footer!

until next time


What is AFAS 497