Point to Ponder #1

Today is the day. I am finally going to Paris!

As I’ve sat in the airport and plane reflecting on the following:

“Soon you will depart for one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It’s referred to as The City of Light…what are some of the things you are most anticipating? Name a few things you want to do when you are here or that you absolutely cannot miss while in Paris. Tell me also any apprehensions, concerns, worries or anything else that may be on your mind regarding your upcoming adventure.“

My Thoughts

When I think of light in the context of a place, I think of enlightenment. I am excited to see all of the history and culture of the city. I love art and the history shown in the art.


  • The Effiel Tower

  • Versaille - I absolutely refuse to leave France without visiting Versaille

  • Louvre tour

  • Jazz club visits


  • Looking like a tourist

  • Political unrest

  • Jet Lag

*post will be updated to include photos.